FINALLY - Discover The Perfect Solution To End The Discomfort Caused By Heat / Hot Weather With This Portable Device.

Are You Tired Of Sleepless Nights/ Daily Discomfort and Restlessness Due To Massive Heat Waves? Do You Need a Portable Solution Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? You've Come To The Right Place.

INTRODUCING: The New Portable Mini AC / Evaporative Air Cooler

Arctic Air cooler

The overwhelming heat waves that occur once in a while are not a surprise anymore, however, there still was no truly affordable yet reliable solution to stay comfortable and safe during those unbearably hot days. Until now!

Over 479,000 people and professionals are using our portable AC solution. With Millions Saved in Cost of Installation and Maintenance of a FULL AC UNIT…..

  • Cools, humidifies and purifies any space with 2x cooling power!.
  • Hydro chill technology- turns hot air into cool refreshing air
  • Quick and easy top-fill water tank – runs up to 10 hours per fill.
  • Evaporative air Filter- and reusable. Adjustable multi-directional air vent.
  • Up to 6-8 hours humidifiering time.
    Compact & Powerful
  • Silent use process, refrigeration and environmental protection is not fluorinated.

Location for Use: Office, Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, and Home construction area, etc.

Normal Price: N20,000
Today’s Price: N13,500 ( Limited Time Discount)

We have just 26 Products Left in stock, 250+ Sold and orders are still flying in, secure yours NOW!!!

FREE Shipping and Pay On Delivery To Any Address In Nigeria.

Over $4.4 Million Spent In Developing This Powerful, Compact Personal Air Cooler That Pulls Warm Air From The Room Through its Evaporation Water Filter To Fill Any Space With Cool, Clean Comfortable Air!

Arctic Air Cooler with family

Enjoy A Natural Atmosphere With Your Family

What’s special about Arctic Air cooler is its combination of functionality and portability – while standard air conditioners are quite expensive, come with installation nightmares, often take a significant amount of space, require constant maintenance and increase energy bills, Arctic Air cooler has the size and energy consumption of a small fan, could be taken exactly where you need it the most, and saves a lot of money at the same time!

This cooling device humidifies and purifies the space around you without making annoying noise, creating a clean and natural feel. This also comes in handy during the night when quality sleep is what you need the most. Because of its compact size, you can keep it wherever you want – the only two requirements for Arctic Air cooler to work are a tank full of water and a USB port or a wall outlet. Full water tank ensures the pleasantly breezy atmosphere around you for up to 8 hours!

Arctic Air cooler comes with 3 different speed options for all your needs – whether you’re working, sleeping, or doing some killer at-home workouts, Arctic Air cooler is ideal for all those activities. Its elegant and lightweight design allows you to take it to your office, bedroom, living room, or even bathroom – wherever you are and whenever you need it, it will make the space around you comfortable even on the hottest days. Instantly!

Arctic Air ULTRA is the improved personal space cooler that turns hot spaces into cool places, keeping you totally comfortable for just pennies a day, now even better with twice the cooling power!  Arctic Air Ultra is self-contained and lightweight, so now you can have cool clean air anywhere – a hot kitchen, watching TV, or even in the office. Arctic Air Ultra lets you create your own personal comfort zone.

Why You Need To Get This Portable Cooling Device

‘Hot weather really does make us angrier, dumber, more violent’ – Study shows stress hormones spike as temperature rises.
New research has shown people really do get hot and bothered in warm weather. A study has found stress hormones rise in tandem with the thermometer. The discovery sheds fresh light on a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists for years.

Dubbed the ‘summertime blues’ there is a wealth of evidence from the past few decades linking heat exposure to aggression, suicide and violence. – The

Many Nigerians feel terribly sick because of the heat and doctors advise people to stay indoors, as much as possible, to avoid succumbing to heat stroke. Sun or heat stroke is a condition of excessively high temperature that causes the failure of the mechanism which then leads to fever and unconsciousness. Medical personnel advise Nigerians to wear light fabrics that won’t trap the heat, use their telephones or internet facilities as much as possible and go out only when absolutely necessary.

But what of the temperature when you’re indoors? at night when you or your little baby can’t seem to sleep due to the temperature?

Our Portable Air Cooler which is capable of delivering a high level of cooling power in a highly effective way. Interestingly, it also consumes less energy while delivering unmatched cooling power. It is a unique cooling device that is suitable for the dryer climates. The cooling system is inexpensive to acquire and cheap to operate as well.

How Does This Portable Cooling Device Work?

Arctic Air Hot AND Cool Display

All Arctic Air needs are water and a little bit of electricity to keep you cool for up to 8 hours! It provides you with the same effect as standard air conditioning devices but at the lowest expense and without dealing with the annoying installation procedure. How you’d ask? Just place Arctic Air wherever it’s convenient to you, fill the tank with water, plug the conditioner into a wall outlet or use the USB port (power banks, laptops work just fine) and enjoy the fresh air around you in no time!

Arctic Air creates all that comfort by pulling warm air using its evaporative water filter which turns it into clean and cool air that results in such a relief. It’s amazing how this small, lightweight, and cost-effective AC is everything you need to cope with those exhausting hot days and nights!

Why You Need This In Your Room and Offices Now!!!

  • No more sleepless nights due to heat waves.
  • Less power consumption.
  • No more discomfort during work activites.
  • Keep your home and family fresh and cool = happy.
  • Save the cost of installation and maintenance of a Full AC unit.
  • Enjoy the portability of using this device wherever you go.

What Our Customers Are Saying....

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1 Unite = N13,500  N20,000
2 Unites = N25,000  N40,000
3 Unites = N35,500  N60,000

(Over 35% Limited Time Discount…)

We have just 26 Products Left in stock, 250+ Sold and orders are still flying in


Please DO NOT fill the Order form if you are not ready with N13,500 to pay for this portable A/C in one business day it takes to get to you, or if you may travel, or be too busy to pick receive the delivery.

We incur alot of costs to cover the delivery of these Units across Nigeria while still maintaining a reduced price, so to avoid waste of time and resources, we plead with you to order ONLY if you are ready for this portable AC.

So If you’re READY, Let’s Get You Your Order Now!!!

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